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Competition July 2, 2008

Filed under: road biking,tour de france — onarete @ 3:45 pm

Lately on my road rides I keep running into crazies.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  I was out spinning a comfortable pace, smelling the roses (literally and figuratively) when Mr. Twin Six jersey comes cruising by on the left.  That’s fine…I went on with my flower sniffing and thought nothing of it.  That is until speedy suddenly became not so speedy.  I started soft pedaling and then coasting and then braking not to run into him.  After a minute or so of that, I chose to go around.  Mr. Twin Six immediately jumped on my wheel and then, gasping and at full speed, re-passed me.  Okay….  I’d like to say that was it, but we kept leap-frogging for the next hour.  Yes, an hour!  And I couldn’t help thinking that this guy just didn’t want to be beat by a girl.  This has happened to me a lot lately.  Would these guys get so insanely competitive if I were male?!?!  It’s weird and a little frustrating.  Unfortunately, I’m competitive too so there is no way I’m giving in without a fight.  I would just like to say for the record that after an hour, I did finally drop the guy.

To continue in the spirit of competition, I would like to pass on this slide show from Slate.  Despite the controversy, I love this race and am looking forward to its commencement July 5.



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