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Back to Arizona July 9, 2008

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Sometimes he caught himself listening to the sound of his own voice. He thought that in her eyes he would ascent to an angelical stature; and, as he attached the fervent nature of his companion more and more closely to him, he heard the strange impersonal voice which he recognised as his own, insisting on the soul’s incurable lonliness. We cannot give ourselves, it said: we are our own.  -James Joyce

Tommorrow is my last day at work here in Washington.  I will do the Seattle to Portland ride this weekend, then I’m off to my parents house in Idaho for a while, and then back to Arizona. 

I’ve grown pretty fond of Arizona.  I feel like it is where I really found myself.  When I moved there, I had no family (at least not that I’m close to), no friends, no idea what I was getting myself into.  Needless to say, I’ve gone through some pretty low moments there.  Extreme lonliness, fear of responsibility, moments of deep depression and anxiety.  But I also became an adult in Arizona.  I figured out what is important to me, and also how capable I am of making my life a good one.  I became strong, both mentally and physically.  Stripped of those things that defined me, my home, my family, my boyfriend, school, I was able to be me.  I learned how to forge a career for myself, pay the bills, do things that scare me.

When I left Arizona, I wasn’t sure I was going back.  But I am.  All I can figure is that I still have some more lessons left to learn there.  And this time is going to be so much better than last time.  Because this time I know who I am.   

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Independence Day July 3, 2008

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Of course, precisely because America isn’t perfect, precisely because our ideals constantly demand more from us, patriotism can never be defined as loyalty to any particular leader or government or policy. As Mark Twain, that greatest of American satirists and proud son of Missouri, once wrote, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” We may hope that our leaders and our government stand up for our ideals, and there are many times in our history when that’s occurred. But when our laws, our leaders or our government are out of alignment with our ideals, then the dissent of ordinary Americans may prove to be one of the truest expression of patriotism.

Barak Obama, Monday, June 30th, 2008, Independence, Missouri


Competition July 2, 2008

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Lately on my road rides I keep running into crazies.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  I was out spinning a comfortable pace, smelling the roses (literally and figuratively) when Mr. Twin Six jersey comes cruising by on the left.  That’s fine…I went on with my flower sniffing and thought nothing of it.  That is until speedy suddenly became not so speedy.  I started soft pedaling and then coasting and then braking not to run into him.  After a minute or so of that, I chose to go around.  Mr. Twin Six immediately jumped on my wheel and then, gasping and at full speed, re-passed me.  Okay….  I’d like to say that was it, but we kept leap-frogging for the next hour.  Yes, an hour!  And I couldn’t help thinking that this guy just didn’t want to be beat by a girl.  This has happened to me a lot lately.  Would these guys get so insanely competitive if I were male?!?!  It’s weird and a little frustrating.  Unfortunately, I’m competitive too so there is no way I’m giving in without a fight.  I would just like to say for the record that after an hour, I did finally drop the guy.

To continue in the spirit of competition, I would like to pass on this slide show from Slate.  Despite the controversy, I love this race and am looking forward to its commencement July 5.