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Breakthroughs June 25, 2008

Filed under: road biking,summer — onarete @ 8:16 pm

Two to be exact.  The first breakthrough of the evening was the sun.  For the first time since I moved to Seattle, I was able to wear shorts and a sleeveless jersey.  Finally, it felt like summer.  I rode my bike and pretended that I was a kid on summer vacation.  It almost worked.  I even passed a lemonade stand on the side of the trail.  Smart kids.

The second breakthrough had to do with my bike.  When I first bought it, the shop spent about 45 minutes taking measurements and fitting me,  which is way more effort than I’ve ever put into getting the right fit on a bike.  Usually, I just move my saddle up and down, back and forth until I feel comfy and like I am getting an efficient pedal stroke.  So, even though the saddle on my road bike is significantly lower than on my mountain bikes, I hadn’t moved it.  I figured that I should adapt to the ‘correct’ seat height.  For a year I have been trying to adapt.

Last night, I finally got out a hex wrench and raised it about an inch.  Wow!  That was the best thing I’ve ever done.  Immediately, I was able to push a higher gear at a higher cadence, and my legs felt snappy.  Climbing was about a million times easier, and I had no knee fatigue after riding for 2 hours, which I usually do.  I feel like road biking is going to take on a whole new chapter for me.  Boy do I feel dumb that it took my a whole year…..


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