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Les Boise May 27, 2008

Filed under: Boise,family,love,mountain biking — onarete @ 7:49 pm

Some highlights from a wonderful Memorial Day weekend:

  • Getting to see my mom, sister, and boyfriend.  Each of them are so wonderful in their own unique ways; and all together they make a guaranteed  good time.
  • Mountain biking.  Blair and I got in a ride each day (Saturday, Sunday, Monday).  The highlight was our ride on Sunday.  Blair had mapped out an epic route with lots of alpine views, lookouts, pine trees, wild flowers, thousands of feet of climbing, and an all singletrack descent.  I still can’t wipe the smile off my face.
  • Greenbelt riding.  Saturday, the four of us rode the greenbelt to Lucky Peak Reservoir.  On the return, we stopped at the new Lucky 13 in Harris Ranch.  The place was full of bike parking and had an awesome patio.  The pizza was delicious and we had  so much fun it was hard to leave, but the ride home made it worthwhile.
  • Debra’s new house.  My little sister just moved into a house in Boise.   It’s really cute and was fun to finally get to spend time at “her” place.  She’s getting so grown up, and I am so happy to be a part of her life.
  • Sunny skies and green grass.  Boise is the most beautiful city anywhere.  The sky is so blue, the trails are full of happy people, and all the streets are idealic.  There’s no way I could have had a bad time.

Until next time….


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