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Evening ride May 23, 2008

Filed under: mountain biking,Nature — onarete @ 4:46 pm

I drove to Redmond after work yesterday for a mtn bike ride.  The sky was dark and threatening but I was determined; and it payed off as I stayed dry the whole ride.  I started from the ballpark near Redhook and rode the Thrilla route with a few short detours to explore.  It was fairly warm and the senses were alive:  the smell of barbeque on back patios, the sound of lawnmowers taking advantage of a break in the rain.  The whole ride I only passed one person on a bike; we shared a hello, both acknowledging that we were in on something special.

Twenty-five miles on a Thursday evening can improve my attitude 100%.  I’m back to my normal self.  And now I am off to Boise for the weekend, to get in some good rides and see  my loved ones.


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