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Urban Assault May 20, 2008

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BB flew in for the Urban Assault Race this weekend.  We were blessed with a few uninterrupted days of high temperatures and sunshine.  On Saturday, we did a pre-ride and mapped out a route.  It was hot, hot, hot and we took plenty of breaks to find gatorade, sprawl on shady grass, and even to take a swim in Green Lake.  We also went to the Arbotoreum and took a long walk.  There are miles and miles of beautiful walking trails there; lots of varieties of flowers and trees and ferns.  Everyone was happy and smiling, enjoying the first nice weather in a long time.  For dinner, we walked to Queen Anne Boulevard and ate outside at a great Thai restaurant.

Sunday, we woke up way too early and tried to get ready to leave for the race.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the pedals off my road bike to swap out with my mtn bike pedals so I had to ride with tennis shoes.  I think this actually turned out well as we spent lots of time off the bike.  BB and I rode down to Fremont for breakfast at a “hippy diner” that had lots of vegan options; and then headed to the start point for the race.  Right from  the start, the race was a blast.  Our first checkpoint was at Gas Works Park where I had to balance on an ab-roller type wheel while BB held my legs and ran us through an obstacle course of orange cones.  I was laughing so hard it was hard to breathe.  Checkpoint #2 was at Recycled Cyles where BB had to ride a bmx bike and I stood on the pegs holding a long jousting pole.  Blair had to ride the bike while I tried to grab hoops with the pole.  Impossible!  Poor BB!  I was choking him and laughing and totally incapable of grabbing the hoops.  Finally we got it.  The next spot was REI and we had to run around the trails there looking for hidden letters and unscrambling them to find an answer to the clue “Follow your Folly.”  It took us forever to find the first couple of letters but then we called DB and her and Dad figured it out: Skinny Dip.  Our first mystery checkpoint was 2020 Cyles and we got some crazy clue about a barista cutting off a bunny ear.  Again, DB and Dad saved the day and we were soon on our way to some coffee shop with a statue of a one-eared rabbit.  At Gregg’s Cycles in Greenlake we had to walk on mini-beer kegs across a field and back; at a bike shop in Ballard I had to ride around a circle on a banana-bike and throw BB newspapers that he had to catch in a box.  Again, I was laughing so hard and am not a very good thrower so it took a while.  The last mystery checkpoint was a man dressed as a fairy running along the Burke Gilman traill.  We headed back to the finish line where we had to do 2 laps on big wheels and then we were done.  Our finishing time was 2:30 and we made it to all the checkpoints so we were thrilled with that.  The after party was just as much fun.  We had pizza and Fat Tire and watched a limbo contest on bicycles.

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    Great photo!

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