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Fresh Air May 12, 2008

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My plan for the weekend was to go camping; but a lousy weather forecast and record snow levels caused that plan to fall through.  Instead I got up Saturday morning and packed all my stuff in the car and headed out to the Mt. Si parking lot.  I rode the CCC Road/Trail from there.  A nice long climb at the start got my heart rate up as did a fear of wildlife hiding in the forest.  After a few successful creek crossings I came to one that seemed a little sketchier, and upon examining my cell phone I also realized I was out of service.  I ate a mini Cliff Bar and turned around.

Back at the car I changed out of my bike clothes and put on my trail running shoes and started up the trail.  I had read that there was a lookout at 1 mile so that was my destination.  Somehow I completed breezed by the lookout and next thing I knew I was at the 2.5 mile point.  Part of me wanted to keep going and make it to the top.  But I also knew I only had half a bottle of water and some Cliff Shots and it would also be slow going on the way down, so I turned around.  Now I have something to look forward to going back and finishing!

Sunday, I took the mtn bike out to the Thrilla Route.  The first half was really enjoyable.  A little chilly, but I had the trail all to myself.  Once the skies opened, I realized why I was all alone.  I spent a little over an hour riding as fast as I could back to the car in a massive downpour.  At some points there was so much water blowing directly into my eyes, I couldnt see!  I hightailed it home, took a warm shower, and put on some sweats.  I spent the rest of Sunday on the couch and finished an entire book. 

 Another good weekend!   

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