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Mountains May 9, 2008

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Some days in Seattle the sun actually comes out, the horizon is clear, and you come around a corner and are taken breathless by the mountains.  I think everybody has a landscape that they identify deeply with: the desert, the ocean, a river, dense forest.  For me, it is the mountains.

I’ll be stuck in traffic on the I-5, anxious and disconnected and suddenly, where there is normally gray, there will be a jagged, snow covered peak.  It is like a punch in the stomache, a slap to the face that brings me back.  Mountains are humbling, and mysterious, and deeply spiritual.  Their tops were home to the gods of the Greeks, the Norse, and the Iranians.  The sense was that mountains held spiritual significance because they were higher and closer to nature and to the gods.  I dont see the mountains as homes to gods, but rather as God.  That god might be vengeful and powerful, but always beautiful and demanding of respect.  A mountain can also be peace; it has been for me.


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