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Sun worship May 5, 2008

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Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”

Fed up with the rain, I flew south for the weekend.  It was a releif to feel the heat on my skin, the sun on my face.  My apartment was intact and my car started despite the remnants of 6 weeks worth of dust storms on the exterior.  After getting some blessed sleep, the singlespeed and I headed out to explore the desert.

Saturday I rode at Hawes; Sunday in the McDowell’s.  I love riding in the desert.  The rocks, the dirt, the mountain ridges for a backdrop.  I share the trail with all sorts of animals: small lizards, snakes, jack rabits, and roadrunners.  There is always another ridge to ride along, a long sweeping trail, a beautiful sky as far as you can see.  I am alive in these wide open spaces.

I only ate Mexican and ice cream; swapped out water with margaritas after retiring on the porch for the afternoon.   I played in the pool and went to bed early.  Two books were easily devoured.  Now I’m back at work, skin burnt, lips chapped.  I might be at a cubicle, but my soul is roaming through the desert; my heart is climbing the singletrack.  Some people like the rain; give me the sun.


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