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Worlds away April 18, 2008

Filed under: tokyo,travel — onarete @ 9:09 am

I’ve been in Japan this week, working.  But that seems to be the theme here in Japan, so I fit right in.  My hotel is in Tokyo, the cleanest city in the world I suppose.  There is no trash (or trash cans) anywhere.  The taxi windows dont have so much as a fingerprint on their clear glass.  The people are clean too, all dressed in their uniforms, all matching.

I love the culture here.  The bowing, the quiet tones of speech, taking your shoes off inside.  It all fits my personality well.  If I were going to live abroad, this might be a good place.

A view from my morning run at the Imperial Palace:


One Response to “Worlds away”

  1. see4 Says:


    as i can see you’ve enjoyed your stay in Japan. have you done yoga too; i think there are public training there…

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