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Mud, mud, and…..mud April 8, 2008

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Did I mention the mud?  I got two mountain bike rides in the last couple of days and both were the muddiest mountain biking I have ever done.  I got my butt kicked by it!

Thursday, I rode Japanese Gulch after work.  These trails are perfect because they are literally right up against Boeing property.  Five minutes into my ride I ran into a washed out section of trail that was unridable.  The steep and muddy hillside forced me to hike-and-bike.  I would make it two steps, fall on my butt, and slide three steps back.  I couldnt even hold my bike up.  Then I found a tree in the middle of the trail.  I had to crawl under and then pull my bike under after me.  From there on out my ride consisted of me biking a tenth of a mile coming around a muddy corner and and sliding out.  Then riding another tenth of a mile and hitting some wet roots and falling.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

Saturday, Blair was here and we drove down to Black Diamond to ride.  These trails were a blast.  I’ve never been to a trail system with so many teeter-totters, bridges, and other obstacles.  I would never ride any of it, but I was fascinated.  Again, I must have fallen half a dozen times.  My whole body is covered in bruises.  I nursed my wounds at Dairy Queen with a mint Oreo blizzard and my great company. 

I have a feeling that more mud is in my forecast for the week.


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