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Sister Time March 26, 2008

Filed under: family,kayaking,love,seattle — onarete @ 3:47 pm

My sister is here visiting right now.  It is her Spring Break.  I’m sure she is wishing I was still in AZ so she could be laying at the pool doing the Spring Break thing; but, we are having fun nontheless.

 Saturday we had a miracle of nice weather and went for a mid-morning kayak.  The sun was bright on the water and the rest of the world was still being lazy inside.  It was quiet enough to hear the drops of water off the oars of the crew boats as they slid across the surface of the lake.  We were suprised and curious about all the houseboats.  Some had trees growing from their docks; others were temples to modern architecture.  A boat passed parading the Easter Bunny.  We waved.

As we passed under the Montlake Bridge, DB and I had fun reading off the slogans painted there.  “Less Suck.  More Awesome.”  It seemed an apt phrase to describe our day.  Union Bay was impressive with snow-capped peaks looming large and a glimpse of the nautral at the Arbortoreum, surviving in this urban environment.  At this point, hunger pains forced us to turn around and call it a day.

A looong trip to REI, Easter brunch, Pike’s Place market, and lots of walking rounded out our weekend.  I’m so lucky to have a great sister and best friend.



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