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The weekend by numbers March 10, 2008

Filed under: ice cream,life,mountain biking,Simplifying,trail running — onarete @ 3:19 pm


Mtn bike rides (on the singlespeed):  2 

Trail runs: 1       

Senor Taco Vegeterian Burritos:2  

Gallons of ice cream:  0.5

Stiches in KD’s knee: 7

Sessions at the pool: 3   

Books read:  2  

Needless to say, it was a good one.  Minus the slow-speed crash and razor sharp rock that sliced open KD’s knee.  That was gruesome; but she was super tough.  Sans riding partner, I did a 2-hour easy singlespeed ride on Sunday.  It was hard to stay focused thinking about the burrito and poolside napping that was waiting for me.  Life’s tough.


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