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Addiction March 5, 2008

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Repetition.  Routine.  Addiction?  I’ve noticed I have a tendency to live things over and over and over again until something forces me out of that rut.  And unlike some people, I like the rut.  I’m addicted.  I have the ability to become entirely absorbed and narrowly focused.

Here’s proof:

  • I eat the same things all the time.  If I didn’t know (or care) it was unhealthy I might be able to go days eating just one thing.  Right now it is Soy Yogurt (cherry flavor) with frozen cherries and peanut butter granola.  I’ve eaten this 6 times in the last 3 days.  Perhaps the longest food rut I’ve fallen into was oatmeal with soy milk, bananas, raisins, and cinnamon.  This lasted about 2 years while I was in college.
  • Exercise is like a drug for me.  I have gone weeks without taking a single day off.  Even when I decide to take a rest day, I can’t enjoy it.  I feel too guilty.  And god forbid if I am forced to take an unplanned day off.  Full fledged anxiety attack.  I kid you not.
  • Related to the last item, but unique unto itself, cycling and all things cycling-related have taken over my life.  I can’t remember what a weekend is like with out biking.  Saturday and Sunday.  Recently, I had a Saturday morning at home and couldn’t figure out what the heck people do who don’t spend the weekends biking.  When I’m not actually on the road or trail, I spend all of my time working on bikes, looking at bikes, reading blogs about bikes, shopping for bike parts, etc, etc, etc.  This all makes me very happy.
  • My narrow focus applies to my relationships as well.  I’ve never (even as a kid) had a lot of friends.  But I’ve always had goodfriends.  A few close friends, family,  and my boyfriend and I am happy.  I don’t need a lot of variety.
  • I love to read.  Sometimes I get so into my reading that I resent the real world.  Now that I live alone, it bothers me when I have people visiting because I don’t have time just to read.  This is truly an addiction.

Healthy? Unhealthy?  I don’t know, but I recognize the patterns.


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